World Famous Mysore Dasara – We must visit to Mysore


I decided to visit Mysore to see the world famous  “DASARA FESTIVAL” . DASARA is called as “Nadda Habba”  Which means Festival of the State .  Darasa is celebrated as  “NAVARATHRI ”  in many part of  India and called by different name  ( “NAVA” means Nine and “Rathri”; Festival  celebrated for 9 Nights), Mysore Dasara, being a 10days festival is celebrated with great pomp.  The distance to Mysore is 140 Km from Bangalore. I started my journey  with my bike due to avoid heavy traffic between Bangalore to Mysore in these seasons.

The Dasara Festival commence with  Pooja to  Goddess Chamundeshawari Devi in the presence of the  Royal Family of Mysore on first day.  Every day various cultural and religious programme will be conducted like, Sports,  Dance, Music, Traditional Fights, Exhibition etc will be performed in front of  Place during these 10 days.

The tradition dates back to the  15 century started by the Wadiyar King Raja Wadiyer in year 1610 and has since been celebrated with great enthusiasm all through the city.  The Ninth Day of Dasara called Mahanavami also auspicious day.  While royal sward is worshipped in this day as the symble of Victory.

The main attraction of  Festivals is the ” JAMBO SAVARI” ( Jambo means Elephants  Savari means Procession) or the Procession  held on the street of Mysore with grandeur and takes places on the 10th day. The Goddess Chamundwari will be carried in the Goldern Howdeh weighing over 750kg on the top of the elephant. This followed by dance troops, Exhibitions etc. The elephant “BALARAMA with ARJUNA & ABHIMANYU  on both side put up a magnificent show, start from Palace and end in Bannimantapa which is nearly 4 to 5 km from the Palace.

This year I happed to be a luckey viewer of  Magnificent Procession of Dasara.   I started my journey in  morning, since there was heavy traffic between two city.  I was taken 5 hours to reach Mysore, I have reached 11 am, by the time there was more then 2 – 3 lakhs peoples were presented to watch spectacular  procession in and around the palace and between the both side of the road where procession will be done.  I have seen more number of foreigners who are coming to enjoy this event from all over the world.  There was a separate sitting arrangement for them.  There was a people are come from different part of India to watch this Festival.  It will take 2 hours to reach between Palace and Bannimantapa.

Another attraction of Mysore Dasara in the night was lighting at Palace, it was amazing experience to see this attraction of Palace at night. Whole Palace was illuminated nearly 100000 light bulbs. This will be between 7 pm to 10 pm on every day of Dasara.

This was truly the best experience I could ever ask for.

How To reach : 

By Air –  Bangalore to Mysore Airport

By Train –  Every 30 minutes there is train to Mysore

By Road – Plenty of Buses  to Mysore  or Own Vehicle

Food and Accommodation :  All type of Foods are available and There is lot of Lodge, Hotels, and Resorts available (Book online)

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