Miracle in Hassanamba Temple



When I switch on my Television, sensational news in all news channel about the Miracle happen in  HASSANAMBA TEMPLE.  Some of the peoples wants to bring out the truth about the miracle associated with historic temple, Whether Miracle is happening or not. This was make us to  visit to this temple Open 9 days.   Hassan is 180 km from Bangalore it takes around 2-3 hour’s journey so, we plan to visit in the night to avoid the crowed in the temple.  As we Hindu more beliefs about the power of God or Goddess in any Temples.

Hassanamba Temple is around 800 years old, temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti (POWER).  Out of Seven Goddess,  Three of them decided to stay in Hassan, because like surrounding Nature, They were Maheshwari , Kaumari and Vyshavi.  Three are there inside the temple.  Hassan city was built by King Sanjeev Nayak, while he travelling to other places, one  rabbit was passed in front of him. He believe that was bed sign,  In the seven night goddess  Hasanamba appear in his dream and instructed to  build a temple in the city for her.  As per her instruction, he built the fort and Temple kept name as “HASSANMBA SIMHASANAPURI” then name was making short called as HASAN.

Miracle of this temple is lamp lit in the temple continues to glow and flower remains fresh in whole years after closed the Temple.

There was a interesting story behind was the A Daughter-in-law is visiting temple every day, Her  Mother-in-Law was suspecting her, then she decide and one day she followed her   Daughter-in –Law.  When she was in front of the Goddess she throw a hard object at daughter in law when she praying to goddess to rescue her. The very compassionate Hassanamba manifested before her and them into a stone inside the temple.

The main interesting about this Hasanamba temple is Opening for only 9 to 12 days in the year. After temple will be remain closed. Temple will be opening on Aswija time, that before the Diwali Festival and Doors will be closed after Diwali, This doors will be open by Arasan Family,(Talavara Family) by slits the plantain stem with Local District Commissioner, SP, MAL  and Government Officials on 12.30 pm

Temple will be open 24 hours for the public devotees expect for a Two Hours in afternoon between 1.30pm to 3.30pm for rituals. Devotes are not allowed First and Last Days opening and closing day. There was separate Q for the VIP which need to pay some amount as Special Dharshana. In 9 days there may be around 6 to 8 lakhs people are visited to temple.

Temple opened for 24 hours I thought night may be get little free to visit the temple but I was wrong, We went at 9.15 pm night and there was huge crowed people standing in the line. Almost we got Dharshana around 10.45 pm, it was very beautiful, it was the great opportunity to have such Goddess. This temple is in the middle of city, there was small lane between the city and temple. Small temple difficult to handle such huge crowed people average per day around 1 lakh in such place.  But even it will handle smoothly.

Transportation : Buss, Train directly to Hassan.

Airport : Bangalore  or Mangalore

Charges : Free. Rs.300/ Rs.1000/- for special Dharshan

Accommodation  : Lodge, Resorts are available

Food:  Available


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