When I saw the news about classic Legends the ICONIC JAWA  Bike is relaunching in India, suddenly  I remember my Grand Father who is coming in Jawa bike in 1970 to 1990 when I was child,  It was like royal bike also called as Yezdi Road King,  JAWA was covered and highly popular Motor Cycle in India. It was stopped on 1996 in India. 

This is the good news for the  JAWA Lover , who wants to ride the bike of Old JAWA, Including me also, I love to ride but I was too Young . The dream come true in 2019. This will adjust to all our road in India (Village, City, Highways Etc) from Agriculturist to Businessmen. We can take an a ride from Feb 2019 onwards after 20 years gap,  Mahinder and Mahinder Ltd  is relaunching 3 module First is  JAWA Bike which is JAWA, available in Block, Maroon and Grey Color. Second JAWA 42 available in six Color  Third is JAWA PERAK.

JAWA : Jawa Motor Cycle price start from Rs. 1.64 lakhs, of 293 cc available in 3 color Block, Maroon and Grey. Decidedly retro a hark back bike, Chrome-embellished fuel tank and pinstripes at all the right place come together in right.  Petrol Tank Capacity is 14 liters, constant 6 gears. Telescopic Hydraulic Fork Suspension with disc floating caliper and ABS.

JAWA FORTY TWO : JAWA 42 is 293cc bike Single Cylinder Engine BS6, available in 6 color Hally’s Teal, Galactic Green, Starlight Blue, Lumos Lime, Nebula Blue and Comet Red. Price start from Rs. 1.60 lakhs, Simple round head light, sitting flush at the top of the frond forks. Seat will be flat  by keeping in the mind of city and highway  ride. 

JAWA PEARK: JAWA PEARK is 334 cc  with  liquid cooled single Cylinder engine, Color is not reviled, price start from 1.90 lakhs, Have contileavered seat (Single Seat) Monoshock suspension demand commitment, and throws caution to the wind with its slash-cut, double-barrel exhausts. , throws cantion to the m 

We hope have healthy competition between Royal Enfield and Jawa again in our Indian Road.  I am waiting enjoy my  long ride with Jawa in first 2019. 

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