India offers plenty of trekking opportunities in the regions criss-crossed by the magnificent Himalayan ridges. Where trekking in the Sikkim Himalayas offers you panoramic views of Mount Kanchenjunga, a trek in the Ladakh Himalayas brings you face to face with the region’s uncanny beauty. A walk along the Zanskar River is exhilarating, while a visit to its centuries-old monasteries can be enlightening.

Trekking through Kumaon and Garhwal Himalayas combines spirituality with adventure. Somewhere you can also observe the traditional lifestyle of the people, elsewhere the less traveled paths will amaze you with their beauty.

Trekking in the Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh offers an opportunity to witness ancient villages, high passes and ethereal natural beauty which will stay in your memories forever. You can check out the treks below:

  1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:-

Area: Sikkim Himalayas

Altitude: 4940 m

Duration: 10 days

Season: mid-March – May, mid-September – November

Level: Medium to difficult

This trek is one of the most thrilling and adventurous treks. Kanchenjunga proclaims its glory at a height of 8586 m and is the third highest mountain in the world. It is the most adventurous trek which can give you a beautiful panoramic view from kabru peak. The eight-day trek begins in Yuksom, a sleepy village in West Sikkim.

During the trek, your eyes will be treated to magnificent views of the Rathong River, beautiful orchids, rare birds and evergreen fern plantations. The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek also brings you face to face with the famous Paha Khola Bridge waterfall.

  1. Gomukh Tapovan Trek

Area: Garhwal Himalayas

Altitude: 4465 m

Duration: 9 days

Season: May – October

Grade: Medium

The Gomukh Tapovan Trek is said to be the best trekking destination in India, because of the amazing sights and the spiritual significance associated with it. A trek along the holy river Bhagirathi takes the hiker right to the source of the river which is commonly known as Gomukh.

Tapovan Camp offers some of the rarest spots in the Himalayas, i.e. a view of eight breathtaking peaks – Bhagirathi I, II, III, Shivling, Chaturangi, Meru Parvat, Bhirgupanth and Sudarshan. Many other peaks that offer great views of the Gangotri Glacier are also an enticing part of this trek.

  1. Kuari Pass Trek:-

Area: Garhwal Himalayas

Altitude: 4268 m

Duration: 9 days

Season: between mid april & june and between September & November.

Grade: Medium

Kuari Pass Trek, which is famous for trekking enthusiasts, has stunning views of the snow-capped peaks of the Greater Himalayas. Also known as the Lord Curzon Trail, this trek passes through lush valleys, ancient forests and small villages. After reaching the Kuari Pass, the hikers are rewarded with a picturesque view of the magnificent peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Hathi-Ghodi Parvat and Dronagiri.

  1. Shepherd’s Trail Trek

Area: Himachal Pradesh

Altitude: 4450 m

Duration: 16 days

Season: mid-June – mid-October

Grade: Medium

Shepherd’s Trail Trek is famous for taking you to the remote villages of Himachal Pradesh, which are open only for four to five months of the year. The Shepherd Trail Trek passes through the Dhauladhar range. “Hanuman Ka Tibba” or “White Mountain” (5639 m), located just outside Dharamshala town, is the highest peak in this range.

The trek starts on the outskirts of Manali and ends at the pastoral village of Bara Bhangal, situated on the banks of the Ravi, one of the main rivers flowing out of these mountains. Birch and rhododendron forest pave their way to mountain pass, after which the descent directs you to a beautiful walk through green forests and glacier debris.

  1. Roopkund Trek

Area: Garhwal Himalayas

Altitude: 5029m

Duration: 8 days

Season: April – June

Grade: Medium

Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Roopkund Trek is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand. There are few places which are as mysterious and exciting as Roopkund in Uttarakhand. It is famous for the five hundred skeletons found on its edge. These human skeletons are believed to date back to the Paleolithic. For this reason, it is called the Secret Lake.

There are several routes to Roopkund, the most common being the one that passes through Lohajung. The route takes you past meadows, waterfalls and places like Bedni Bugyal.

  1. Kinner Kailash Trek

Area: Kinnaur Kailash Range

Altitude: 5242m

Duration: 8 days

Season: July – September

Grade: Difficult

Mt. Kinner Kailash is located at almost 6050 m and Kinner Kailash trek is counted among the best treks in Himalayas. This place is of immense religious significance for Hindus because of the huge Shiva Lingam, which is a representation of Lord Shiva.

The rock formation is about 24 meters high. The color of the Shivalinga changes throughout the day. Devotees of this place start their trek from Tangling Village and return to Sangla Valley. You can also visit Chitkul, India’s last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibetan border.