The natural enemy of sport is the weaker self : He is extremely sensitive to the cold, afraid of water and much prefers to lie on the sofa than to move. What the weaker self usually does not think about, however, is that sport can help prevent diseases and improve complaints. With a little targeted exercise, you can prevent back problems and cardiovascular diseases, reduce stress and lose extra pounds.

Benefit from endurance sports

Aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming and cycling will help prevent a variety of diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases-he- . The heart is a muscle that you strengthen by exercising it regularly. Listen to your signal body. If you can still talk while exercising, exercise in a reasonable area and do not overexert yourself as quickly.

Runaway from the stress

The pressure to perform at work, negative stress or a chronic lack of time: There are many reasons to be stressed. This stress makes many people sick in the long run.

You suffer from poor concentration, high blood pressure, stomach problems or are constantly irritated. Exercise helps your body break down stress hormones, such as adrenaline. Which sport you choose is less important. The main thing is that you have fun – under no circumstances should sport become an additional stress factor. If you find it difficult to switch off, sports such as yoga, tai chi or qigong often help. You move and at the same time reduce negative stress through targeted relaxation exercises.

Sport strengthens the immune system

Exercise also has a positive effect on the immune system. Half an hour of exercise in the fresh air a few times a week gets your immune cells going.

For example, it makes sense to be on foot or by bike more often than not by car. But don’t overdo it and pay attention to signals from your body, because too much exertion can turn into the opposite and weaken the immune system.

Movement helps your back

Back pain is very common in Germany. Some can be traced back to specific causes, such as a herniated disc. For others, for example, tension is the reason.

To prevent back pain, it helps to move and strengthen the muscles. Especially if you sit or stand a lot in everyday life, you should offer your back a balance. In this way, stressed muscles can relax again before pain occurs. Targeted training of the abdominal and back muscles is beneficial.


Endurance sports such as walking, swimming and cycling help prevent diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases

Find a sport that you enjoy. Exercise shouldn’t become an additional stress factor

Especially if you sit or stand a lot in everyday life, you should offer your back a “moving” balance


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