I keep getting the error code 80072EFEand Windows won’t install 11 critical updates.

Even. NET Framework 3.5 won’t install, it keeps saying it can’t download. My internet connection works fine and I can surf all over the internet. I haven’t changed any of the settings and am running on Windows 8. The error code I am for. NET is 0x800F0906.

Windows Live Essentials are also not downloaded. Is there some problem with Microsoft servers these days?

On Windows 10, the error code 80072efe means there was a problem checking for updates. Here are some tips that you can use to solve the error code.

Windows 10: error code 80072efe – Windows server cannot be reached

The simplest solution is that the Windows servers are temporarily unavailable and your computer cannot download any updates.
Close Windows Update and wait 10-15 minutes.
Then try again whether you can now check for updates.

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Lack of internet connection causes update error 80072efe

A missing internet connection or a wrong internet setting is often behind the problem.
First, make sure you are connected to the internet. To do this, open any page in your browser.
Using a proxy server can also cause problems with the Windows update. If you are using a proxy server, you should disable it.

Program causes error message 80072efe under Windows 10
Programs that control Internet traffic can also cause errors.
Such programs are for example firewalls, anti-virus tools or tuning programs
For these programs, you should add an exception so that Windows 10 can communicate with the Microsoft servers without any problems.

You should also check what you have installed on Windows 10. You should then uninstall programs that you are not familiar with.

. NET Framework problem

However, you can .NET Framework 3.5install them without downloading them. Just go to Control Panel and select the Turn Windows feature on or off and scroll down to the .Net Framework 3.5and select the check box and press OK. Windows will install it automatically.

If it doesn’t, insert the Windows 8 installation disk, open the source folder and find the SSX and copy this folder to C:\Temp. Now run the command prompt as admin and enter the following command …

Dism.exe / online / enable-feature / featurename: NetFx3 / All / Source: c: \ temp \ sxs / LimitAccess

Hope it will help. The instructions are from here.

Update issue

From Microsoft support. However, the solution isn’t for Windows 8, but I think it’s worth trying out.

Error 80072EFE is related to closing the connection of the update server. Most likely, the computer can be infected with ROOTKITS.
Try running TDSSKILLER to find rootkits.

You can also run the Malwarebytes to check for the infection on your system.