Get Blessing from Goddess Sigandur Chowdeshwari Devi


Trip to Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple

Most of our friends are talking about this Temple as it very Powerful and when every they have a problems they frequently visiting to this place,  Then One Day we friends decided to Visit to Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple.

That to  in  rainy season, there was heavy rain during our journey in the month of July,  We start our Journey at morning 11am  from Bangalore to avoid night driving because of heavy rain.  Reached at 8.30pm almost we have taken 9 hours to reach to this place.  Enjoyed our driving in Rain, it was very wonderful experience, we   Traveled via Bangalore, Shimoga, Hosanagar, Sigandur is around 400 kms,  As we are not able to catch the ferry so we have taken another route,  There is 3 ferry in the back water of Linganamakki Dam, which it takes vehicles with people from One end to other End.  Going in Ferry is very beautiful and memorable journey.  But we missed it while reaching to Sigandhur.

All devotees are believes that   Goddess Chowdeshari  was very powerful, if any one pray honestly to the Goddess can get a positive result with out fail. what ever their praying will be solved their problem by next visit,  As per the information received from local village people is that  Peoples who are lost their valuable things, Property Dispute and business person will take blessing from the Goddess. Once the problems will be solved they again come and pray.

Accommodation available  in Temple premises for limited number only .  Food and Accommodation is available Before 8Km from the temple, there is one Lodge available who reaches before 9.30pm. If reach late nothing will be available.

This village is very small but Nature is very beautiful, 3 side of temple surrendered by back water of Linganamakki Dam also known as Sharavathi Rever. This temple have history of 300 years,  When Mr. Sheshappa resting below the tree, Mother Sigandhurishwari come into his dream and informed to construct their temple in the same place Goddess Sigandur Chowdeshwari.

We can Reach to this places through their own Vehicle, There was a Frequent busses available from Sagar to Sigandur.  Ferry service is start from Morning 8.30AM to 5 PM. If you reaching through Sagar  need to reach before 5 PM to catch Ferry.  Otherwise they can take another route.

Most of people are visiting to this places by every month Amavasya Pooja, Annaual Festival is in the month of January the day of Makara Sankranthi and also by the time of  General Holidays.

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