Enable Windows 10 GodMode: This tool lets you become an all-rounder

A powerful GodMode is hidden in Windows, which offers easy access to many functions. This hidden mode, which some users also call JediMode or SuperSuperAdminMode, has been in the system since Windows 7. We’ll show you how to activate it and introduce a small tool that can do a little more.

There are Windows tricks that are always good. Since Windows 7, GodMode has definitely been part of it, also called JediMode or SuperSuperAdminMode by some users. A new folder on the Windows desktop can be used to centrally summarize over 250 settings under Windows 10.

If you want to tune Windows, all you have to do is go to this folder and you can adapt Windows 10 to your needs. We offer you this fully configured GodMode folder for download. You can also easily set up the folder yourself with our instructions.

Enable GodMode on Windows 10

Activating GodMode yourself on Windows 10 is quick. Use the shortcut [Windows] + [D] to switch to the desktop. Then click with the right mouse button on the desktop and select “New” and then “Folder” from the context menu.

Now comes an important step, name the folder GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and confirm the entry with [ENTER]. The best thing to do is to simply copy the folder name marked in bold, this can also be done later using the folder’s context menu and the “Rename” entry.

If everything went well, Windows 10 even assigns a nice-looking icon for system settings. When naming the folder, the term GodMode is not mandatory, you can name the folder whatever you want. Only the content of the curly bracket is important.

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Use GodMode perfectly in Windows 10

Now you can get started with GodMode under Windows 10. Double-click it to show the summarized settings. There are currently around 250 tweaks that can be accessed centrally in this way. Depending on the tools installed, it can be considerably more.

You can browse the folder like any other Windows folder. If you are looking for the monitor settings, for example, type “Monitor” into the search field at the top. If there is not the right place on the desktop, pin the folder to the start menu or the taskbar using the context menu.

Extended GodMode: Tool takes the game even further

Up to this point, GodMode is purely an onboard tool that you can activate and use without additional tools. However, its use is not particularly convenient. The free tool Extended GodMode takes the game even further and packs the GodMode functions into a program window. There you not only see the number of available settings, but you can also search through them using a keyword.

In addition, you can conveniently select the last commands and the most frequently called commands via the menu. Also practical: You can mark individual settings as favorites, which are then available in their own menu.

A visit to the “Other” menu is also worthwhile. There you will find a small tool collection with tools like Windows 10 ISO Download Tool or Start Everywhere. There are also links to the system control and other admin tools such as the resource monitor or service management.