When you actively work with a computer, the operating system installed on it slows down over time, and various malfunctions and problems may arise. One of the most common errors is the incorrect execution of the Boot \ BCD file and the output of the code 0xc000000f. What it means and how to deal with it, let’s take a closer look!

The most common error 0xc000000f occurs due to hardware failure

There are a number of factors that are causing the 0xc000000f error. This code is most common when installing the system from the hard drive, as well as when Windows starts up normally. Therefore, the following causes of errors occur:

  • The hard disk with the installation files is damaged.
  • Driver controllers are not working properly.
  • BIOS reset boot parameters;
  • The BSD file has been deleted or is damaged.
  • Winchester doesn’t work;
  • The system disk contains errors.

If you understand the cause, you will of course know how to rectify the defect and make the device operational again. Unless you are a system administrator, it is very difficult to see why you were seeing the 0xc000000f status. In this case, it is recommended to test each of the methods suggested below in turn.

BIOS setup

If the hard drive is working properly, it is important to check the system BIOS. Entering the parameters of this system is not difficult. For the first few seconds after starting the device, press and hold the Del, F1, or F2 key. The menu here for different Windows versions is the same, we are interested in the item “Boot”. To prevent error 0xc000000f from reappearing, click Hard Disk Driver from the list that appears and make sure that the first drive has a hard disk (SATA). You can use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate. Then save the new configuration (F10) and restart the PC.

Use an installation flash drive or installation disk

There are other ways to eliminate the defect, using a bootable optical disc or flash drive. The step-by-step instructions look like this:

 Enter the BIOS and set the device priority at the starting point so that the system boots from the USB flash drive or from the optical disk. This depends on the directory in which you saved the installation files. Now restart the PC.If everything is done correctly, the installation wizard will start and you should click on “System Restore”.
After the check, the deficiencies found can be corrected automatically.If the repair message did not appear, select your operating system yourself in the recovery options and click on “Startup Repair”.
The error 0xc000000f then usually goes away. If it doesn’t, go back to Settings and select the Command Line field. Now just enter the command chkdsk C: / f and wait for the result. As soon as the system carries out the test, the DOS line can be closed and restarted.
No effect, even afterward? Then follow the same steps and type Bootrec.exe in cmd. To restore the hard disk structure, 4 commands are used. All of them are very simply sent for execution. All you have to do is go through the command line, one at a time, in the order shown on the screen. Each team has the task of recording the main MBR of the system partition, looking for the necessary information on the hard drives, and creating the boot sector.
A command like bootsect / NT60 SYS will help continue the bcd file. After the entry, the computer offers to start Windows automatically.

Use of utilities

There are special programs with which you can eliminate errors and failures. One of them is Easy Recovery. The application is distributed for free through the developer’s website. Once downloaded, it should be written to the drive and then run with the priority set in the BIOS.
The utility has a simple and intuitive user interface. You can fix the system error by following the instructions outlined in it. The easiest way to do this is to click Automated Repair and then click Continue. Don’t forget to write down the hard drive your operating system is installed on. Interestingly, this program is very popular with ordinary users as well as system administrators and programmers.
 The method is effective for all versions of Windows, so you can safely use it to continue working from version 10 and solve problems with XP. Aside from this wizard, there are many others on the internet: Troubleshooting, MBRFix, Paragon HDM, etc.


We hope that the methods presented here will help to remove error 0xc000000f from your computer and make it working again. Do not rush to format the entire system or change the hard drive. Maybe not everything is so critical. We wish you much success!


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