This article discusses Error WU_E_OPERATIONINPROGRESS, also known as 0x80240009 and means Another conflicting operation was in progress. Some operations, such as installation, cannot be performed twice at the same time.

This repair tool can fix common computer errors like BSODs, system freezes and crashes. It can replace missing operating system files and DLLs, remove malware and repair damage caused by it, as well as optimize your PC for maximum performance

About Windows update error

There are numerous potential errors a user might encounter when downloading and installing Windows updates.

When these types of errors occur, you can try a number of things that can help you take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Here are the symptoms, causes and likely solutions to the problem.

Definitions (Beta)

Here we have listed some definitions for the words contained in your error, in an attempt to help you understand your problem. This is a work in progress, so we can sometimes define the word incorrectly, so feel free to skip this section!

Installation – The installation process is the deployment of an application to a device for future execution and use.

Progress – A progress bar or progress window is a component in a not necessarily graphical user interface used to convey the progress of a task, such as a download or a file transfer.

Causes of 0x80240009 – WU_E_OPERATIONINPROGRESS

What could have happened? Windows updates are downloaded from Microsoft. File corruption can happen anytime when updates are downloaded due to different reasons. It could be because the previous update did not install correctly. It could also be because there was a problem receiving the file, which could be due to problems with the system files. Whatever the case, users can fix the problem by following these repair methods.

Repair Methods

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Method 1 – Run the network or update the troubleshooter

For Windows 7

Right-click the Network icon in the system tray, located at the bottom right of your desktop.
Click Troubleshoot. It will launch a wizard that will diagnose the problem.
Run the wizard and let it finish.
Run Windows Update after running the troubleshooter to see if the problem is fixed.

For Windows 8

Press the Window key on your keyboard. This is the key with the Windows logo next to the Ctrl key.
In the search box that appears, type Network problems, various search results will appear, choose Identify and repair network problems.
Run the wizard that will appear and let it complete the diagnosis and apply the fix to the problem.
Run Windows Update one more time.

For Windows 10

Click the Start button and then click the Settings button to open the settings.
Under Windows Settings, click Update & Security.
On the left side, click on Troubleshoot and Windows Update on the tab that will appear on the right side.
This will run the troubleshooter and apply the fix to the problem.
After doing this, run Windows Update again to see if the problem is fixed.

Method 2 – Clean up updates folder

You may have downloaded the update multiple times and are still doing the same thing. You can then try to clean up the Updates folder by doing the following:

Click the Windows key on your keyboard along with the letter R to open the Run window.
In this window, type c: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download and click OK.
This will launch the folder where the downloaded Windows updates are.
Highlight everything by clicking Ctrl + A on your keyboard and Delete all from the folder.
Sometimes some of the files can be difficult to delete. Just try deleting again until there is nothing left in the folder.
Run Windows Update again to verify.

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Method 3 – Disable the antivirus program

Your security center may be preventing files from being downloaded. If that’s the case, just open the antivirus program by right-clicking in the system tray and disabling it from there. Then run the updater again after this action. Remember to turn it back on after downloading and installing Windows updates so that your computer is protected again.

Method 4 – Remove other expansion units

Your computer may be using an external device such as an external drive or an external DVD or SD card reader. These devices can also cause the computer to behave abnormally. In that case, please disconnect the device either by disconnecting the device or by going to Device Manager and disabling them from there.

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Method 5 – Use the Windows CD

When all else fails, you can use the installation disc or download a copy of the media creation tool to install updates from the disc.

Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 DVD updates is done the same way as a clean install, except for a few differences:

Instead of booting from DVD, you can run the installer from within Windows.
Make sure you are logged in with an administrator account.
Make sure you have added the installer in the Security Center exclusion or disable the firewall and antivirus to ensure this is not an issue.
Place the installation disc in the DVD drive and run autoplay. If it did not run automatically, you can right-click the DVD drive and click run autoplay.
You will see the autoplay window, just click Run setup.
Once the installer is installed, click the Install Now button.
The next screen should give you the option to go online to get the latest updates for the installation. Before clicking on it, make sure the radio button at the bottom of the window is not checked.
This will run the search and install utility, wait for it to complete.
The next screen will show the license terms, click the radio button to accept and click Next.
You will then be presented with two options, whether to do a custom install or an upgrade.
Click the Update button and let your computer install the update.
Let the process finish, provide any information that may be asked of you.

Windows 10

users have rarely had trouble downloading updates using the normal procedure, but in case you are one of the rare instances where this occurs, you can download Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool.
Make sure you have an empty flash drive where you will install the Windows 10 media creation tool.
Download the installation file. He will guide you through the process.
When finished, open Windows Explorer and click on the flash drive in the list of drives.
Double-click the Setup.exe file to launch the installation file.
Select the language, time, currency format and input method and click Next.
Click the Install Now button. This will take you to the next window that will allow you to upgrade or custom install.
Click Update to install updates.
Follow the instructions and let the installation finish.