Whenever I get bored and don’t know what to do, I go to the NetFlix website to watch the latest video content. However, NetFlix is ​​not completely bug-free, and a few bugs can ruin your video streaming experience.

We’ve received several messages from users on our Facebook page about “NetFlix doesn’t work on Chrome”. Users are getting random error messages when visiting the NetFlix website from their browsers. Some even face problems using Netflix on mobile and TV.

The same thing also happened to me a few months ago when I was watching a video and suddenly the screen went black and “an unexpected error occurred. Please reload the page and try again’ the error message appeared on the screen.

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So if the same thing is bothering you, we’ll share some of the best NetFlix that doesn’t work on chrome fixes.

Press the Reload button

First, whenever we get an error message in the Chrome browser, we click the Refresh button. So, if you’re also getting error messages while watching video content on NetFlix, you’ll need to reload the webpage.

If the default reload button doesn’t work, reload the NetFlix webpage by pressing Shift + F5. This will likely fix the Chrome browser NetFlix error.

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Check if Netflix is ​​down

If Netflix is ​​not working even after reloading a webpage, you will need to check whether the Netflix servers are up or not.

Sometimes the Netflix server may be down, making the website inaccessible. In that case, you need to visit and type in ‘Netflix.com‘. The site will show that it is working fine or not working.

Restart WiFi or mobile data connection

If you are using the Netflix desktop app or its web version, you will need to reset your wireless connection. If you are using Ethernet for connectivity, you will need to reset the modem.

Likewise, if you are using the Netflix mobile and mobile data app, you will need to reset your mobile data. Sometimes restarting a network device fixes a lot of problems and might fix the Netflix problem.

Update your Netflix app

As with Windows updates, Netflix updates were also important. It is always best to use the latest version of the apps on desktops and mobile devices to avoid security issues.

Regardless of which device you are using, update the Netflix app. If you’re using the Netflix desktop app, you’ll need to update it from the Microsoft Store.

Likewise, if you are using the Netflix app on your mobile, you will need to go to the iOS app store or Google Play Store to update the app.

Log in again

A few users have reported that they fixed the Netflix not working issue by removing and re-adding their account details.

Therefore, you can also try this method if your Netflix is ​​not working. Sign out of your Netflix account and enter your login details again. When finished, try playing the video again.

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Restart Chrome browser

If you can’t access Netflix in Chrome, restart your Chrome browser. Make sure you close all tabs before restarting your Chrome browser, or it will prompt you to reopen the closed tab.

A simple reboot will kill all the processes running on your computer related to the Chrome browser and eventually fix the NetFlix which is not working in the chrome error message.

Update the browser

Well, having an up-to-date browser minimizes your security risk and prevents errors. Outdated web browsers can also cause NetFlix to not work in the Google Chrome browser.

Therefore, in this method, users need to update Chrome browser to the latest version to fix the error message. Updating your Chrome browser is easy; users need to click on three dotted menus and go to Help > About Google Chrome. Google Chrome will now automatically check for available updates.

Clear cache

We understand that clearing Chrome data such as history, cache, etc. spoils the browsing experience. But if the video plays in seamless incognito mode, you’ll need to clear your Chrome data.

Copy and paste the path chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the URL bar and remove history, cookies and cache.

Disable extensions

If you get NetFlix chrome errors after installing new extensions, the extension may be to blame. To fix this, you need to remove any newly added extensions from your Chrome browser to fix the NetFlix error in Chrome browser.

If possible, disable all unused extensions at once and check whether you are still getting the error or not.

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Switch to Google DNS

Well, sometimes Chrome browser shows errors due to various DNS issues. So if your Internet is behaving strangely, you need to configure Google’s DNS.

After changing DNS, be sure to restart your Internet connection as well as your computer.

So these are the best methods to fix Netflix that isn’t working on Chrome error messages. Hope this article has helped you! Share with your friends too.