When it comes to blowing out the candles, regardless of age, there are those who do not skimp on the means to mark the occasion. By “y’en a qui”, we are not talking about you and your 18th birthday party in your parents’ garage where the 11 guests had danced the caterpillar until 3am like crazy. No, we’re talking about birthday parties of a different caliber, with a handful of zeros in addition, behind the amount of the check.

List of most expensive and famous birthdays

David Sacks 40 years – The “so French” birthday party at $ 1,400,000 (around 876 minimum wage) / May 2012
The CEO of Yammer has money and he takes it … a little too much, no doubt. The theme of his evening? “Let them eat cake” (“That they eat brioche”), a famous answer, invented by Rousseau and lent to Marie Antoinette to whom it would have been reported that the people did not have bread to eat. In David’s case, that means 350 guests in 18th-century attire and Snoop Dogg on the mic. And ban for guests to share the evening on social networks.

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday – The € 292,000 gift (around 195 minimum wage) / August 2015
The Kardashians are not known for their discretion or their sobriety. And that’s an understatement. Kim’s half-sister Kylie is no exception. As proof, the birthday party of his 18 years, bling-bling at will. Let’s go over the very undressed dress-code, to talk about the apotheosis: her boyfriend at the time, rapper Tyga, disembarking in a white Ferrari, surrounded by a huge ribbon. A modest present for her sweet.

Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday – The $ 2,000,000 “20’s” birthday party (around 1252 minimum wage) / November 2015
A themed evening “The Magnificent Gatsby”, a romantic hero renowned for his simple tastes, as everyone knows. A jump at 2,000,000 euros, therefore, where his daughter, already mentioned in this top was displayed in no less than 2 different outfits, including one covered with precious stones. With ease.

P. Diddy’s 40th birthday – The $ 3,000,000 birthday party for a guy who loves flowers (around 1878 minimum wage) / November 2009
The theme of the evening: “Black and White”. The place? In NYC, on 5th avenue, at the Plaza. The detail that kills? Puff Daddy pays himself $ 28,000 worth of white orchids, to mark the spirits. Yes yes, you read that right: $ 28,000 worth of flowers. And when you know how painful it is to maintain an orchid, you wonder if it’s not money screwed up. If so, one wonders.

Steve Schwarzman 60 Years – Bad Timed Birthday Party, $ 3,000,000 (around 1878 minimum wage) / February 2007
The guy is the founder of a huge American investment fund. In 2007, when the economy began to crash, and the famous crisis slowly took hold in the daily life of “normal” people, he decided to organize a small jump at $ 3,000,000, bringing together all of them. the scoundrels of finance, responsible for the disaster. A luxury meal and a small Rod Stewart concert at $ 1,000,000 to close the evening. Schwarzman has since apologized, bemoaning the bad timing.

Victor Pinchuk’s 50th birthday – The birthday party in Church ‘, at $ 6,600,000 (around 4133 minimum wage) / December 2010 This is also very heavy for the billionaire, metal tycoon in Ukraine. It’s happening in Courchevel, 300 guests, with Alain Ducasse in the kitchen … It’s something other than the anniversary of your 6 years at McDonald’s in Tourcoing. We will spend on vodkas, champagnes, and the finest wines there is. At the heart of the evening, the guy planned a fireworks display, then bought himself the Cirque du Soleil, for a special performance. Nothing too excessive in short.

The 50 years of the Sultan of Brunei – The birthday party which lasts 2 weeks at $ 25,000,000 (approximately 15,652 minimum wage) / July 1996
So there we go beyond everything. The guy, being a sultan, pays himself 2 weeks of festivities, which he starts with a military march (something he would probably not have done if he had been a gardener, we grant you that). He followed up with a polo match with Prince Charles and a dinner at the palace for his 3,000 guests. The highlight of the evening: a concert by Michaël Jackson which would have cost $ 16,000,000.

Sophia Ecclestone’s first birthday – The € 96,500 baby party (around 64 minimum wage) / March 2015
One year is worth celebrating, and the granddaughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the big money manager of F1, has been damn spoiled. Her mother, Tamara, simply decided to recreate a zoo in her huge property located in the heart of London: ponies, sheep, puppies, but also a zebra and a lot of other animals. A small balloon castle and made-to-measure pajamas to keep things simple and complete the picture. All this for a party that the little one will absolutely not remember. Mind you, birthday parties you don’t remember are often the best.

Philip Green’s 55th birthday – The € 30,000,000 birthday party (around 20,000 minimum wage) / March 2007
The extremely wealthy businessman, 104th fortune in the world, has decided to mark his 55th birthday. 5 days of celebration with a hundred of his friends, in peace, in the Maldives. In the envelope, there is 1,000,000 € for a small service from Georges Michaël. It is certain that if he had paid Patrick Sébastien it would have cost him less. We feel that he wanted to mark the occasion and catch up with the moldy party of his 50th birthday which had only cost $ 7,000,000 …

Philip Green’s 60th birthday – The $ 20,000,000 birthday party (around 12,520 minimum wage) / March 2012
Yes yes, you read that right, the guy is present twice at the top. For his 60 banks, he surrounded himself with Leo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell and others, for a 4-day party, on a beach in Mexico. 4 days? We can tell he’s getting old, eh. For his 55th birthday, it lasted 5 days … He took all the guests to Mexico City in his private jet, to have a little beach volleyball while eating $ 80 burgers, against a backdrop of private concerts by Chris Brown, Carlos Santana and Stevie Wonder. Not bad.

And when it’s not expensive, stars still manage to have wolf birthdays.

We told you that it had a little more mouth than your 18 years, despite the excellent performance of your cousin (the famous “DJ Tonight”) behind the decks …