Like, share, comment: Even if some companies are still reluctant to do so, nothing works today without social media. Due to the increasing digitalization, the communication of millions of users takes place via services such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has long been no secret that these platforms have also developed as an alternative for advertising.

With the right tactics and a little knowledge, you can work successfully with the social networks.

Facebook & Co – The different platforms

Can’t digital marketing just be done with the company’s website, which you can bring to the front with the help of SEO and thus attract potential customers? This may be very helpful for obtaining information, but there is a lack of direct communication with the potential interested parties. Whether appointments or details about properties, communication in the real estate business is one of the most relevant points that can ultimately lead to a purchase or sale. Social networks are ideal here if you don’t just want to present, but also want to interact with potential customers.

The various social networks have developed very differently in recent years and there is still no end in sight. New services keep popping up, but it is important to use them correctly.

Facebook – the all-rounder

Whether young or old, Facebook has been the best-known and most widely used network for years. Accordingly, it also offers the greatest potential for presentation, exchange with interested parties and can also perfectly combine content from the website. Facebook can be combined well with your company blog. Content appears on two channels and is available for communication.

Instagram – a picture is worth a thousand words

Instagram is closely linked to Facebook and is now at least as successful. Presence can be shown here with photos of great properties.

In this way (new) customers are reached at any time and anywhere in the world and get a small impression of the objects in advance.

Twitter – 140 characters for the essentials

The short message service with the well-known blue bird as its logo is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Here users can send so-called “tweets” with a maximum of 140 characters and thus share important messages or even discuss them with one another. With the help of hashtags like #immobilienberlin you can reach even more readers and increase your visibility.

Twitter is therefore not a communication platform and a social network at the same time in which people interact with each other.

YouTube – virtual tours and Co.

Video platforms such as YouTube can be used for virtual sightseeing tours and the presentation of new objects. Videos or explanatory films can be included, which put your core competencies in the foreground. If the message is well packaged and interesting, the video will spread without your intervention. In addition, films have the positive side effect of improving the Google ranking of your own website.

Xing and LinkedIn – your virtual business card

Xing and LinkedIn are one of the first points of contact when interested parties are looking for a professional real estate agent and would like to get in touch with them. With several million members, they are one of the largest Internet platforms for business contacts and orders.It is important not to keep your own profile too general and to tailor it to the target group you want to reach. It is therefore important to add a detailed description of the area of ​​activity and to focus on 2-4 key performance areas, whereby you should describe the unique selling points.

The right concept is essential

The variety and combination of the different services underpinned with the right strategies are a guarantee for success. If you want to be successful in social media, you need to use the right tactics when communicating with your own customers and prospects. So when it comes to mediation and advertising via Facebook & Co., you should develop a concrete concept beforehand. Start with goal setting. What do you actually want to use social networks for? Are you primarily interested in active communication with potential customers or is it more about the presentation of new properties and company news?

In addition, continuity, activity and responsiveness are two essential points in social media marketing that should not be underestimated. If you only publish something once a week, you should consider whether it makes sense to take action at all. Only actively maintained appearances also allow an improvement of the image and an increase in visibility.

In addition, inquiries, comments and likes on your own side must be dealt with appropriately. You should act openly and honestly with potential customers.

So if you want to successfully establish yourself on the market with social media, you need more than just a page on Facebook or Instagram. Interested parties and long-term customers have certain demands on their work. It can therefore make perfect sense to ask an expert about the right presentation or the right concept.

Conclusion: stay competitive

Of course, you can do business without using social networks. However, you have to ask yourself whether you can remain competitive in the long term if you rely exclusively on established methods, such as your own website. For real estate agents, social media is a great addition to be able to get in touch with customers and interested parties even better.



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