If you have a cat in your house, you probably know what we’re talking about, cats are animals that like physical contact and bonding with those they live with.

Among the interactions they usually carry out, we can highlight rubbing, asking for affection, scratching, making sounds and massaging. But have you ever wondered why my cat massages its paws?

When do cats make biscuits?

Many experts agree that massage starts when newborn cats massage their mother’s nipples to get more milk. Physical contact creates a very special bond, in addition to stimulating their mothers to not stop breastfeeding them.

Cats naturally develop this behavior and when it causes them pleasure, they continue to do so during their young and adult stages.

When they start to grow, cats investigate everything that surrounds them: pillows, sofas, rugs… At the same time they know the pleasure of sharpening their nails, something they enjoy as you should know.

At this stage, already weaned, the cat relates to its environment and communicates through it, for this reason, we know that a cat that massages is happy, and is in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility.

Why does the cat massage the owner?

When our cat starts massaging us (instead of a pillow) it is because he is communicating and showing us that he wants to be with us , that he feels good with us and that he expects us to feel the same.

In addition, the cat is aware that this procedure provides us with relaxation and pleasure, for this reason, we must reward our cat when he massages his paws by giving him caresses and words of affection.

If you have a female cat and she gives you these massages only at certain times of the month, it may mean that the cat is trying to convey to you that she is in her heat. As the days go by, massages can be followed by crying, something they do to get the male’s attention. This is a behavior that can be resolved with castration.