If your cat licks your nose, it is very likely a compliment for you. But what exactly does that mean? Your animal world has the answer.

Licking often has a different meaning for cats than it does for us humans – after all, they not only drink with the help of their tongues, they also use it to clean their fur or strengthen their bond with one another. Sometimes cats also slouch their humans. And maybe your cat even licks your nose.

Why do cats lay on your chest?

There can be various reasons behind the behavior:

Show affection and love

Licking means affection – cats learn that from their mothers as kittens. Therefore it is like a language of love for the velvet paws. Especially if your kitty has just made herself comfortable on your chest, the tongue can quickly get lost to your nose.

Strengthen bond and show belonging

If your cat licks your nose, it is like marking out territory. Your velvet paw shows that you are part of my family. Cats lick and groom each other to strengthen their bond. And the same goes for the human part of the cat pack.

Get attention


Have you been inattentive lately? Then your puss may just want to get your attention. Maybe she wants to play or cuddle with you, but you have ignored her so far. Some cats also choose this route to let them know that something is hurting them. If you suspect this is the trigger, you should have your vet check it out.

Your nose tastes salty to your cat

People sweat – and when the sweat evaporates, salt residue remains on the skin. As a result, you are practically a walking lick stone for your cat. Yummy!

Make you clean

An important function of the cat’s tongue is still that of a brush. So it may well be that your cat just licks you clean – even if your nose may not be dirty at all.

Why do cats roll in the dirt?

This will keep your cat from licking your nose

Do you find it uncomfortable when your cat licks your nose? Then you can stop her from doing so by first distracting her when she moves on to the next tongue attack. For example, some food or a (feather) toy is suitable for this.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t just push your kitty away. She could feel rejected by it and believe that you don’t want any affection from her. If the distraction doesn’t work, you could also cuddle to keep your cat from licking. Or, in the last step, get up and walk away.

How can I stop my cat from licking my nose?


What if you don’t like your cat licking your nose? Your cat’s tongue can be painful or it can tickle. The best first step to stop your cat from licking your nose is to distract her. This can be done by using a feather toy or feeding your cat some food.

Outright refusing your cat’s treat is not ideal as it will make him feel rejected and think that you don’t want any affection. Try the distraction technique first, and if that doesn’t work, try cuddling your cat to distract her. The last option is to walk away when your cat starts licking your nose.

Why do cats lick each other?

To understand why your cat is licking you, let’s take a look at the social relationships between our velvet paws. This helps to better understand the role the tongue plays in the social interactions of the fur noses.

The reasons cats lick each other are:

Grooming: already small kittens enjoy their mother’s wet grooming.
Strengthening the bond: Based on the kitten memories, grooming between adult cats is also an expression of affection and mutual trust.
Absorbing fur smells: By licking the cat, the smell of its fellow cat is better perceived.
Change fur smells: The cat covers the unfamiliar smells of its fellow species with its own scent molecules. For example, after this from a visit to the vet comes back.

What should I do if the cat licks me?

If your cat licks you off out of affection, you may want to give something back to her. Stroke it with your free hand. Many cats also like grooming with a soft brush or massage glove. If your velvet paw is one of them, pamper it with additional strokes with the brush. This is how you strengthen the bond with your furry friend.

What does it mean when the cat licks people off?

This behavior can also be transferred to humans. In other words, if your cat licks you on the face, arms or even your hair, then it will like you. Your cat gives you a high priority in your life. For example, she explores with her tongue where you’ve been. Your cat may also lick you off because they are particularly fond of the smell of your sweat or soap.

But the complete opposite can also be the case: licking also serves to remove a foreign odor. Last but not least, your cat marks you with the licking, because it leaves the finest odor particles on your skin. Some cats also nibble off their human’s skin or paw on their clothing. These are also signs of affection and well-being. The cat also expresses its love of people by giving the head, nudging the nose, turning the buttocks and stroking the legs. Be happy that you are so important to your cat!