Usually, there is a problem with the Windows system files. However, since it is a very general error, there are many different solutions.

Simultaneously press the [Windows] and [R] keys to open the “Run” command.

Enter “cmd” here and confirm with “OK”. The command prompt then starts.

Enter the command “sfc / scannow” here. Confirm with [Enter]. If there are problems, start the command prompt as an administrator.

Your system is searched for errors and any errors found are automatically corrected. Wait for this process to complete.

In some cases, during the repair, you will be asked to insert the official Windows DVD for the process to complete.

Restart your PC and see if the error has been resolved. If this is not the case, repair the Windows access rights by entering the command “chkdsk / r” at the command prompt.

If that doesn’t help either, use the “wsreset” command to reset the Micorosft store.

More solutions for Windows error 0x80070005

There may also be a problem with your hard drive. So do a quick check of the hard drive for problems.

Check for the latest updates for Windows and install them. Large updates update many system files, which can make the error go away.

A system restore can also help. This not only reverts your personal files but also system files to an earlier point in time when the problem has not yet occurred.

As a last resort, you can completely reset Windows. This means that the system is completely reinstalled and error-free.

System restore solves error 0x80070005
If you continue to have problems, you should start Windows in Safe Mode.


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